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Video Coach

Video Coach is the place to visit if you want to learn how to play to academy standard. Access coaching sessions for every position on the pitch, delivered by top quality coaches.


Football Coaching Sessions

View recorded and live coaching sessions by top level coaches and experts. Access to world class resources at your fingertips!

Interactive Assessments

Take assessments to measure your skills and knowledge. Keep a record of how well you are progressing, course by course.

Downloadable Resources

Download resources in multiple formats. Available for downloading as images, documents, presentations, PDFs and sound files.

Lifestyle Courses

To become a footballer, you need to focus on other areas of your life too. You will have access to courses in areas such as fitness, nutrition and other areas.

Intuitive Access

Scorecher has been designed to ensure that it is easy to learn how to use it. You will love our easy-to-use interface, making football coaching more accessible.

24/7 Access

Scorecher is available 24/7, accessible on any computer device. Where you want it, how you want it and when you want it.

Performance Room

The Performance Room combines both aspects of improving your performance and playing games to help you to succeed. Improve your performance and win points in all areas of the game, your fitness and well being. Enter leagues to compete against others. Challenge other members from around the world to live ‘play offs’ and win prizes!


Enter a League

Choose a league to compete in. You can choose from: international, national, regional and team. Win prizes as you become successful!

Win Points

Win points for fitness, skills, diet and nutrition and sleep. Which league will you enter and can you become the champion?

Challenge Others

Challenge each other to a ‘play off’! Win points to improve your league table position. You set the challenges…will you win though?

My Learning Profile

Learning new things is great! With Scorecher you will be able to learn football skills, how to get fitter and stronger, about diet and nutrition, sleep, hydration and sports psychology. My profile helps you to keep track of the courses and assessments you have engaged with.


Track Your Courses and Assessments

Keep track of the courses and assessments you have taken and are currently taking. Our easy-to-use dashboards help you to measure your progress.

Personalise Your Profile

Personalise your profile and make it yours! Add your own information. Create your own background and live the dream!

League Position

If you enter a league, you want to compete and be the best. Keep track of where you are in the league and the points you need to move up the table!

Scorecher Live

Scorecher Live is the place where you can: engage in live challenge ‘Play Offs’, invite guest speakers, receive and deliver live coaching, attend seminars delivered by experts. All this can be saved as HD audio and video files.


Guest Speakers

Listen to guest speakers and seminars from experts, from around the world, live, via HD audio and video. Available on any computer device.

Live Challenges

Challenge other players from anywhere around the world. Watch them perform their challenges live and they can watch you live too!

Distance Coaching

Receive coaching from expert coaches from other places. Watch on your smart phone or tablet and engage live!


MyFolio enables you to upload your own certificates, photos and films. Share with friends and family across the world. Imagine being able to share and exchange tips with other players and learn how to perform amazing football tricks. Well you can now!


Upload You

Upload certificates, images and video of you playing football. Manage your portfolio via our easy-to-use e-portfolio. Upload you!

Share Successes

Share your success with friends and family from around the world. Share your progress and show them how good you are as a footballer.

Worldwide Access

Share with anyone across the world. Whether it is with your family and friends, or you are sharing tips, MyFolio is a brilliant tool for this!