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Lee Sharpe Interview (Part 5) – Special Times

I love Ireland, without a shadow of a doubt. Forget the eight years at United…I just love Ireland! No, there are almost too many to mention. On a personal level, scoring a hatrick at Highbury was pretty special for me. I think the Cup Winner’s Cup Final when I as only 19 in Rotterdam, against […]

Lee Sharpe Interview (Part 4) – My Best Coach

When I am asked about the best coach I played under, everyone expects Sir Alex Ferguson but he wasn’t. He was not a coach he never took a training session or a warm up. That wasn’t really his deal. He always had good coaches around him. Archie Knox was good when I first got there. […]

Lee Sharpe Interview (Part 3) – Changing Ways

I am a bit of a crossover from 80s to 90s when the Premier League started and the old school ate steak and chips pre-match, and you had a bit of a rub if you had a bit of an injury and you just got on with it.  Now you have the science of diet and […]

Lee Sharpe Interview (Part 2) – Professional Aspirations

I think there are always two or three players in a school or Sunday league team who have aspirations to become a professional footballer. Some just play for fun and aspire toward other careers but there were certainly one or two of us in my school and Sunday league team who signed for different clubs. […]

Lee Sharpe Interview (Part 1) – Never Give Up On Your Dreams

I was a bit of a late developer. I didn’t sign schoolboy forms for a professional club, Birmingham City, until I was 15. I thought that was it. I didn’t do any homework, no exams, and then they let me go at 16. So it was a bit of a let down. I went for […]