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Scorecher: play, think and live like a professional footballer!

Imagine having the opportunity to be coached in the same way that professionals are. Imagine having an insight into the food, drink, sleep patterns, sport psychology and fitness information that they use, to help them stay at the top. This is what Scorecher intends to offer to players across the whole world!

Scorecher is a football coaching, fitness and nutrition website, that helps you #LiveLikeAPro. Developed in partnership with Premier League legends and Women’s Super League stars, Scorecher will be the first cloud-based football coaching and lifestyle system – delivering academy-class content, wherever there is an internet connection.

Through the exclusive experiences and gifts our legends have created, you can help us bring Scorecher to life, transforming football for young players across the globe.

Our aim is to offer world class coaching and lifestyle advice to footballers from around the world, delivered by our team of experts. The dream is to offer the experience of Premier League quality coaching to everyone.

We want to enable players to be coached and receive advice about diet, sports psychology and fitness, like  professional footballers receive. We want them to have access to Scorecher where they want it, when they want it and how they want it. Perfect accessibility!

Scorecher has assembled a team of legends, including United’s Lee Sharpe and David May, Everton’s Neville Southall and Peter Reid, Leicester City’s Matt Elliott, Liverpool’s Emile Heskey and Natasha Harding and Arsenal and Celtic star John Hartson, to help develop Scorecher, the world’s first cloud-based football coaching and lifestyle resource. With top coaches like Steve Darby and Peter Griffiths coming on board with a host of other experts, Scorecher is unique in what it offers to its members.

Scorecher will deliver not just tailored flexible coaching programmes to team coaches and players looking to improve, it will also provide elite level nutritional advice, fitness guidance and injury management advice in one place for a single, low-cost subscription.

“Scorecher is precisely the kind of thing I would have wanted when I was a kid. When I was growing up I would sleep in my football boots, with my football. If there was something out there that would have allowed me to live like a pro I would have jumped on it.”

Lee Sharpe

“This will give kids easy access to academy-class coaching,” “Hopefully that will help them enjoy the game more and who knows – maybe the next superstar will come from a place where the best coaching available was Scorecher.”

David May

“Scorecher could change the lives of kids across the world. This project also offers a great opportunity for fans to get themselves a really memorable and unusual encounter with their favourite players or buy a gift to help us to get this project off the ground and their money is going to make a difference to kids playing the game now and in the future.”

Neville Southall

“I have spent a lot of time in the Far East. Scorecher will help deliver a consistent standard of coaching and advice to huge numbers of young football players and aspiring coaches wherever they are.”

Matt Elliott

Our Vision

To produce a uniquely integrated, cloud-based platform that will enable players to improve their skills, health and fitness through football.

Our Mission

To provide accessible and affordable world class coaching and advice and support on diet, nutrition, sleep, sports psychology and fitness.

Our Values

We value liberty, equality, fraternity and we want to share opportunities throughout the journey so that everyone can benefit.

Our Core Values

Worldwide Access

Access Scorecher, where you want to, when you want to, how you want to!

We aim to enable full and unlimited 24/7 access to Scorcher, on any computer device. If you are practising with your friends then get out your phone and learn those new skills and techniques.

Capture and upload your best performances when they happen. Challenge other members at a time and place to suit you both. Scorecher is totally versatile and you are in control!

Best Courses

World Class Coaches and Experts via the Cloud

Imagine being able to access world class coaching, advice and support when you want it. You don't go to them, they come to you.

Well now you can because we aim to provide the best coaching and lifestyle courses possible via the cloud. Scorecher is only going to use fully qualified coaches and experts who have practiced at the highest level.

Constant Innovation

Creative Coaching to Help you to Improve

We love innovation and aim to be at the forefront of sports coaching. We will gamify Scorecher so that you can improve your performace against other members across the world.

Imagine being able to challenge people from Brazil to Australia, from South Africa to Thailand and beyond! Swop techniques and skills, record your performances, share your progress!