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Lee Sharpe Interview (Part 4) – My Best Coach

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Lee Sharpe Interview (Part 4) – My Best Coach

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When I am asked about the best coach I played under, everyone expects Sir Alex Ferguson but he wasn’t. He was not a coach he never took a training session or a warm up. That wasn’t really his deal. He always had good coaches around him.

Archie Knox was good when I first got there. Brian Kidd was exceptional because he loved what he did. He always came up with new ideas. During international week when we weren’t training, he would go off and watch Dutch teams, Italian teams, German teams and bring back new ideas. They were fresh ideas, so training was always fresh.

I played under Graham Rix at Portsmouth. He was another really good coach who had some good ideas after playing in France.

I would probably say that the best coach I have played under would be Brian Kidd