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Lee Sharpe Interview (Part 3) – Changing Ways

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Lee Sharpe Interview (Part 3) – Changing Ways

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I am a bit of a crossover from 80s to 90s when the Premier League started and the old school ate steak and chips pre-match, and you had a bit of a rub if you had a bit of an injury and you just got on with it.  Now you have the science of diet and nutrition behind clubs and players and it is important.

I heard a rumour recently of one top club where players had a pin prick in their finger, their blood analysed and if their blood count was not right then they were pulled out of training because they were more susceptible to injury. There was none of that when we played.

We (Manchester United) were one of the first clubs to have a nutritionist come in and manage our dietary elements such as carbs and introducing a low fat diet. The diet we had when I first started playing, was pretty bland, with things such as boiled chicken and pasta, it was pretty dry. The dietary management they have now is way beyond anything we could imagine but it is so important. When winning and playing well is defined by such fine margins, your diet is so important as a facet of your game.