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Introduction: Diet and Nutrition

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Introduction: Diet and Nutrition

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First of all, let us get an important fact out in the open. There is no, one ideal diet that is suitable for every football player in the world. Every person is different and as such there is likely to be differences in what we need at any one time for us all.

Diet definitely affects performance, and the dietary advice and nutritional choices we make can have a profound effect upon our performance in sport and indeed in every aspect of life. These choices affect how strong, quick and how much stamina we have. Nutrition and diet also affects how quick we can move, our reaction times and our alertness and quickness of thinking. Every player needs to be aware of this if they want to improve performance and also improve their life in other areas such as school and work.

Ensuring you stick to a sensible diet and choose your nutritional elements carefully, can not only help support you when you are training to get the best out of each session and to perform better in each game you play, it can also limit the risk of illness or injury.

It is sensible to be aware of the different food types. Carbohydrates such as pasta, fruit and bread supplies your muscles and your brain with the fuel they require to help them to perform at the highest level. Too little energy means that you will run out of energy and your performance in a football match and in life in general will not be as good as it could be. Too much can result in you putting on weight.

Protein rich foods will help you to build and to repair muscles. These include some meats, pulses, fish and eggs but there are many other types of proteins you could eat. Fats are important to help your cells develop and they are another form of energy.

Last but not least, you need to take on board plenty of fluid. The body is made up in the main of water. When you sweat you are losing fluids so it is important to replenish them. Water is a great solution!

Please bear in mind that you need to eat a varied diet and drink plenty of water. We will look at this is subsequent blogs.