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Sports Psychology Helps – Matt Elliott

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Sports Psychology Helps – Matt Elliott

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Medical doctor and young couple patients having a conversation in the hospital

I am really interested in being involved in Scorecher. It is a football platform that can be accessed globally, all ages, all standards of players, from all backgrounds. It offers the benefit of receiving coaching from players and coaches who have played and coached at the very highest level.

It covers technique, tactics, the psychological side of the game, fitness and the nutritional side, so it covers all aspects at all levels, of football and health and fitness, at the touch of a button. This is something that is not readily available in most areas of the world.

One of the major benefits I can see is the sports psychology side of being a footballer and how this can be applied to education and the impact it can have on performance in schools in classes and in exams. We could see children who become really good footballers becoming more focussed. Psychology and its impact on sport is becoming more apparent and many sportswomen and sportsmen might acknowledge that they haven’t got the talent of a peer and might drift out of their sport.

If they see that they can improve and progress, through sheer dedication, concentration, focus and hard work then that work ethic and focus can overtake their perceived to be more talented peers, who might not be as focussed, and set them on the road to success. This can easily be transferred to education, work or any other facet of life.

I have worked in Asia, in North America and throughout Europe as well, at youth and at adult level. I know the enthusiasm for football around the world and I think that Scorecher can be really beneficial, with the biggest factor being its accessibility.