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The Complete Programme – Neville Southall

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The Complete Programme – Neville Southall

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Scorecher is an online education program. Our aim is to make Scorecher accessible worldwide and of benefit to every tier in football. When I was first approached about this project I thought it had huge potential so after speaking to Russ and kicking a few ideas around, I felt that it would be great to involve other ex-professional footballers. I got in contact with several of them and they agreed that it had great potential to make a difference to grassroots football and they agreed to come aboard.

We have a wide range of ideas but the one principle we all agree on is that it is going to be proper, high quality football coaching and advice and support in other important areas, such as sports psychology, diet and nutrition, skills and tactics and even sleep! All of this is going to be delivered by experts who know football and know the areas they will deliver in. We will aim to have top quality people involved and working with us. The platform is for everyone in the world and just think, at the touch of a button, you can get access to experts online.

It is not just about coaching. You get access to everyone a professional club might employ. It is about developing other areas of your life. It is about being fitter and stronger, being able to focus, knowing what you should aim to eat and drink, how many hours you should sleep, everything that you would want your kid to go through, to experience to make them abler to deal with life’s challenges. It can help them to be more disciplined and to perform better in school and in their day-to-day life.

I believe that everyone should be able to get something positive out of Scorecher, whoever you are.