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Teamwork Matters

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Teamwork Matters

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What a first week in the Rugby World Cup in England was! Some great games but the one that shone out like a beacon out was of course Japan v South Africa. THE greatest shock result in world history…that is unless you were Eddy Jones and his squad.

There were lots of lessons to learn from this performance.  The first one is that teamwork is an imperative if you want your organisation to succeed. If you watch the match again, you cannot help but be impressed by the way in which every member of the Japan team knew his role. They knew what they had to do and they had the skills and confidence to do it.

This is much the same in football, business or any other organisation. Your team needs to know their role(s) and how to be successful. At LearnerVerse everybody has a role to play.  As a new company making our way into the world, we have agreed the need to develop other skillsets, as well as those we bring with us. My team are able to engage effectively at creating media and engaging with clients and potential clients.

Secondly, each member of the team comes with a unique set of skills and as CEO, it is my role to ensure that their contribution is effective and adds value to our company. Eddy Jones fulfils much the same role for Japan. He has succeeded in getting them through to the finals via qualifying rounds and then made further progress at the start of the tournament. A good CEO is a vital element of any organisation and I want to be the best CEO I can be. If that means talking to others who have been successful in the role and learning from them, then so be it! If I can demonstrate a desire to learn and develop then so will my team.

The final element that I was impressed with was the complete lack of fear with which they played the entire game. In the final minute when they had a penalty to draw, not once but twice, and that would have been a great result, they refused. I became engaged with the moment and was urging them to take the draw. An easy three points from in front of the post. They could see the win in sight and they went for it. The end result was THE most famous victory in World Cup History!

Japan and Eddy Jones, thank you for the lessons!

Russ Kavanagh